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Our highly esteemed pain specialists have  stellar academic backgrounds and have undergone extensive training to help you.  If  you have an acute or chronic pain condition which has not responded to other therapies, we may be able to help you.  We collaborate closely with you and your other physicians to diagnose, treat and manage pain with the very latest treatments.


Dr. Samuel Park

Dr. Samuel Park

Have you researched the qualifications of your physicians?  It is crucial that you understand the background of the physician(s) who are treating you.  Unfortunately, particularly in the realm of pain management, there may be physicians advertising themselves as pain specialists but who, upon closer inspection, have no formal qualifications in the Pain Management specialty.  It is important for patients to find a qualified pain physician who has undergone ACGME accredited pain management fellowship training and attained legitimate ABMS board certification for Pain Management. While possessing such training and certification cannot guarantee quality of care, the obvious lack of such credentials may raise questions whether such a physician is qualified to safely perform pain management.

Rest assured that Odyssey Pain Center only employs ABMS board certified, ACGME pain management fellowship trained physicians. Superbly educated and highly regarded, our physician(s) possess the highest level of expertise in Pain Management.

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Support Staff

The support staff at Odyssey Pain Center is here to help ensure your experience with us is as successful as possible.  Each team member has a valuable role in checking you in and out of appointments, keeping track of referrals, coordinating your medical records as well as answering your phone calls and general questions.   Before you arrive and after you leave, our entire staff is committed to making sure every patient’s visit with us runs smoothly.