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Quitting Smoking Could Reduce Spine Pain At Any Age

New research now demonstrates that smoking cessation has a causal relationship with improvements in pain in patients with spinal disorders and axial and radicular pain.

Quitting Smoking Could Curb Spine Pain, Age Doesn’t Matter

Quite frankly, this research only confirms what many in the pain management specialty have long noted anecdotally—smokers tend to have more pain and more severe pain than non-smokers.   Stop smoking–your back and neck will thank you.

Feeling Depressed on Opioids?

Among other known side effects of chronic opioid usage, many patients may not be aware that deficiency of androgens (i.e. “testosterone”, “estrogen” and “progesterone”) is also a well known phenomenon.  This can lead to reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, hot flashes, and depression. Physical findings may include reduced facial and body hair, anemia, decreased muscle mass, weight gain, and osteoporosis. Additionally, both men and women may suffer from infertility.  It is one among many reasons why opioids should only play a small role within the pain management treatment regimen for most patients.   Read more here…